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Movie Review: Avengers Assemble!!!

In Black and Brown News, Culture on 07/05/2012 at 21:43

I must admit, when it comes to comic books, science fiction and movies made from those stories I am the world’s biggest GEEK.  I remember December 1989 when the first redo of the Batman story came to the big screen.  Michael Keaton played the protagonist Bruce Wayne aka BatmanJack Nicholson played the antagonist the Joker and Tim Burton was at the helm as director.  This movie was not without its detractors, but all in all Warner Brothers pulled it off.  Before this reboot of Batman, we had Christopher Reeves’ Superman.  The first two Superman movies were the best.  After that it became a caricature of the what it should have been.

You see, we comic book fans are quite harsh when it comes to bringing our favorite characters to the big screen. Sadly, this is what happened to Superman and the initial Batman reboot after Joel Schumacher took over from Tim Burton.  Since that time we have had a number of very good movies bring comic book characters to the big screen, namely the Spiderman, X-Men, Wolverine, the reboot of Batman aka the Dark Knight, the Hulk, Thor and Captain America.  In the not so good category is the Fantastic Four, the reboot of Superman, Ghost Rider, and many others I will not name because it saddens me to think of how bad those movies were. (cont. Black and Brown News)


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