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The Time is NOW to Live Your Dream and Start a Business!

In Examiner.com on 07/05/2012 at 14:17

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

The prospect of being an entrepreneur is exciting, scary and probably the hardest work a person will ever do in their lifetime.  Over the past year there have been many articles, conferences and coffee shop meetings about business, entrepreneurship, and economic development throughout the United States.  Job creation is all the rage these days.  Cities like Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, New York, NY, Boston, MA, Austin, TX Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA are some of the major hotspots for entrepreneurs.  The industries getting the most attention from budding entrepreneurs tend to focus on some form of technology.  It doesn’t matter if it’s information technologies, biotechnologies, energy technologies or green sustainable technologies.  They are all popular industries for the entrepreneur.

As one ponders the aforementioned, it says one simple thing, NOW IS THE TIME TO START A BUSINESS!  Giving the current economic unrest and the lack of security in the workforce there is no better time than now to start a business.  However, if you should decide to go down this road there are some very important things you should know and consider as starting a business becomes a serious consideration.  Here are ten general things to think about before going into business: (cont. Examiner.com)


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