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Study Finds HBCU Faculty Are More Supportive of Students Than Faculty at Other Schools

In Philosophies and Opinions on 08/05/2012 at 18:40

“A study by scholars at Indiana University finds that faculty members at historically Black colleges and universities are more likely than their peers at predominately White institutions to engage in “educationally purposeful” activities both in and outside the classroom.

Lead author Tom Nelson Laird stated, “Compared to their counterparts at the PWIs in this study, faculty at HBCUs viewed their campuses as more supportive of students, used active classroom practices more, placed greater importance on reflective learning, and placed greater emphasis on personal and social responsibility.”

HBCUs frequently state that they offer a nurturing environment where Black students can excel and where they do not have to be concerned with bias from other students or faculty.

Professor Nelson Laird states that his study “supports the idea that there is something particularly supportive about HBCUs. It likely has more to do with their approach to teaching and support and is not all about students relationships with others on campus.”” (cont. The Journal of Blacks In Higher Education)


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