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FOR THE BOOKSHELF: Discovering the Soul of Service

In Culture, Tech and Social Media on 11/05/2012 at 11:55

In the spirit of Kwanzaa which should be treated as an year round activity, Ujamaa (cooperative economics) is a central principle. One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard for years about Black American owned and operated businesses is the POOR level of customer service, poor quality of product and/or services and last but not least the negative attitudes that plague many Black American owned businesses.

Discovering the Soul of Service by Leonard L. Berry is a GREAT book addressing the topic of SERVICE and the importance of it when it comes to having sustainable business success. Cooperative Economics is the theme of the day but you can’t and won’t have it if people feel they can get better service, treatment and products elsewhere even if it means buying outside their owner communities. Let us all work on supporting Black American owned and operated businesses by demanding that those business owners ensure the supporters of their business aka CUSTOMERS are treated properly and offered EXCELLENT QUALITY OF GOODS AND SERVICES!!!


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