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Five Best Online Custom Clothing Stores

In Culture, Uncategorized on 13/05/2012 at 23:20

Shopping for clothes in brick and mortar stories may give you instant gratification and the chance to try them on, but why bother when you can online, get bigger discounts, and have your clothes tailored to fit before they even get to your house? There are plenty of online clothing shops that will take your order and then customize your clothes to fit you like a glove, so you get style and comfort for a song. Here’s a look at five of the best of those custom clothing stores, based on your nominations.

Earlier in the week, we asked you which online custom clothing stores you thought were the best at delivering quality, comfort, and bargains in a good-looking package. You responded with your nominations, and now we’re back to look at the top five.

Blank Label

Blank Label offers custom men’s dress shirts and button-downs based entirely on your measurements. You supply them, but you also have a say in how the shirts actually fit once they’re tailored to your size and shape. Select from the styles and colors in their latest collection, or you can start from scratch, select your fabric, and build a shirt that looks and fits just the way you want. They’re not the cheapest store in the roundup, but they do have some of the best looking shirts you can find, and you get the opportunity to tweak the shoulder, collar, chest, midsection, sleeve, and even the length of the shirt before it ships to you.


Indochino doesn’t just specialize in dress shirts, but in all sorts of upscale menswear, including entire suits, pants and slacks, blazers and coats, and even accessories like cufflinks, ties, vests, belts, and my favorite: collar stays. Select the styles that you want and buy a la carte, or allow Indochino to walk you through its customization process to make sure you get a suit or set of clothes that really match your style and shape. They spring for shipping and fees, deliver custom orders quickly, and have a really sharp, easy-to-use site that makes shopping for clothes online fun. Many of your praised Indochino for great fitting clothes, great prices, and strong customer service, not to mention really good looking clothes, from mix and match shirts and slacks to full formal suits. (cont … Life Hacker)


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