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Why we need to keep talking about women in tech

In Culture, Tech and Social Media, Uncategorized on 13/05/2012 at 17:52

commentary The conversation about getting women into the tech industry is far from over, and unfortunately, vicious sexism is still alive and well. Don’t get complacent, folks. It’s still bad out there.

A lot of women in tech, including me, don’t like to spend a lot of time talking about being a woman in tech. In fact, on a panel of female journalists I was recently on, one of them suggested that we don’t need to keep talking about the dearth of women in the tech industry, that it’s a problem that will solve itself or is well on the way to being solved.

Unfortunately, as I was recently reminded, that’s not true. There’s not only a persistent absence of women in the fastest-growing economic sector in the world, there are toxic and dangerous attitudes that make that sector persistently unwelcome for women.

Video commentary on the Dell event with commentary by Molly Wood of CNET:


Last month, Dell held a summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. Michael Dell himself keynoted the event, whose crowd included some 800 Dell employees and partners, and one female journalist: Christiane Vejlo of the Danish gadget blog Elektronista.

Dell’s Danish arm hired, as emcee and entertainer for the day, a performer named Mads Christensen, who is a well-known provocateur in Danish media circles. According to Vejlo and a few English-language Danish blogs, he’s primarily known for making racist, sexist, and other inflammatory comments in public. (cont .. CNET)


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