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RANDOM THOUGHT: Why Does My Free Thinking Bother You So Much?

In About Me, Consider This, Culture, Philosophies and Opinions on 16/05/2012 at 11:29

Do I threaten you because I question, seek understanding and clarity before accepting? Is it really so scary to you that I reject many things taught to me as a child, now that I’m an adult educated, exposed and experienced enough to know better? What’s the problem?  Or are you simply threaten by the fact that I am more confident in what I KNOW than you are in what you say you believe?

Fascism is DANGEROUS no matter the form, big or small, governmental or one-on-one. Thought control is DANGEROUS.  Limited perspective is DANGEROUS.  Unwillingness to accept new realities and adapt is DANGEROUS.  It limits the progression of our species.  There is absolutely NOTHING dangerous about Free Thinking. Free thinking is liberty, justice, takes courage and speaks to the true concept and notion of FREEDOM.

If I have to be controlled by those limited in perspective in order for you to feel comfortable in my presence I suggest you move on.  Find others who share you limited world-view.  Because that’s not a freedom I’m interested in, it’s slavery and I WILL NEVER BE A SLAVE as long I live.  I will fight you and those who think like you with EVERY weapon at my disposal.

Now that we understand where each other stands.  The line in the proverbial sand is drawn and it’s time to do battle.  In the words of my favourite Marvel Comic character Thor, “Have at thee”!!!  That’s all, carry on…


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