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Why Leaders Should Encourage Creative Risks

In Business, Culture on 22/05/2012 at 15:05

Research suggests that psychological safety and the willingness to take risks are potent antecedents to creative insight.

It seems like the world is changing at an increasing pace. In order to stay competitive, many organizations are placing their bets on enhancing their innovation. It’s a worthwhile pursuit. Innovative organizations stand the best chance of developing a sustained competitive advantage in their industry. In order to achieve that competitive advantage, firms are asking how they can be more innovative.

At its core, innovation requires creativity. Innovative organizations are those with individuals who generate novel and useful ideas (the consensus definition of creativity). To put it another way: creativity yields innovation. If you want your organization to be more innovative – you need your people to be more creative.

But for many leaders, just how to increase their people’s creativity is a mystery.

In a recent survey of business executives, ECSI found that 68% believed innovation and creativity to be something individuals are born with. These business leaders felt strongly that innovators cannot be made, that creativity cannot be trained. However, their beliefs aren’t exactly supported by empirical research. As early as 1973, studies on identical twins sought to distinguish whether creative ability was attributable to nature or nurture.

The evidence supports that being creative isn’t a trait that some people posses and others lack; it’s a skill that some have learned early and some still need time and training to develop. Everyone has the capacity to be creative; they just need the right environment. (cont … The Creative Post)


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