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MAVA Capital Connection ’12 Conference – TechBUZZ: Where VC’s and Tech Meet

In Business, Tech and Social Media on 27/05/2012 at 22:16

(WASHINGTON) May 23rd, Omni Shoreham Hotel – It’s late morning and the energy is high.  The smell of coffee, danishes and the sounds of people talking outside the main entrance to the conference hall where the opening keynote speaker, Dan Yates CEO and Founder of Opower is about to kick things off.

At this point attendees to the conference, entrepreneurs and investors alike rush to complete their registration, get their name tags and pick up their conference packets as to not miss the beginning of this very important conference sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association (MAVA) along with a number of corporate sponsors.

Today marks the conference’s 25th anniversary of the Capital Connection Conference. The Mid-Atlantic regions premier conference for venture capitalists, investors and tech entrepreneurs.  It’s day one and this part of the conference is refered to as TechBUZZ.

The focus of the day is to provide a forum for 28 finalists out of 200 original entreprenueurial startups to pitch their companies.

Each company has four minutes on the stage to share their vision, ideas and innovative products to a crowd of hungry venture capitalists (VC) and investors anxiously awaiting to hear and view each pitch.

As always VC’s are looking for the next Google, Pinterest or Instagram. As each presentation is done, one after another, the audience is asked to download an app to their smartphones called Disruptathon.  This app, which supports both Android and iOS. allows each audience member to vote in real-time on the presentations.

Once the votes were tallied, the top three were choosen and awared a stage to move on to the second round of presentations to be held on day two of the conference.  The three finalists were Augaroo, Cont3nt.com and Speek. (cont … Examiner.com)


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