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Asus uses Android strategy for Windows 8 Transformer Book

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I haven’t had an opportunity to play with the Asus Transformer Prime but I know a few people with it and they absolutely love it. I have a Motorola XOOM with a Bluetooth keyboard but I highly doubt the hardware will run Windows 8. Not to mention I’m not really interested in Windows 8.

I think I’ll keep my current ThinkPad on Windows 7 Ultimate untile SP1 is released. LOL What say YE?


In Taipei, the annual Computex is just beginning and Asus has wasted no time introducing numerous new computer designs for Microsoft Windows 8(s msft). The range of products covers laptops, desktops, Ultrabooks and more. Each offers some new unique twists and turns — including one laptop with two screens — but perhaps the smartest move by Asus is to re-use the popular design from its Android(s goog) tablet and dock, the Transformer Prime. This fall, Asus will offer a similar device running Windows 8 called the Transformer Book.

You can see all of the new products at Techinstyle.TV, an Asus-backed blog and video portal, but if you’ve seen the Prime, you’ve essentially already seen the Book. The tablet houses all the computing guts, which includes an Intel(s intc) processor, not an ARM-based(s armh) chip, to power Windows 8. Asus says the slate will be available in multiple sizes:  11.6”…

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