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24/7 Wall St.

It took a study by Rutgers academics to remind the media, and perhaps some Americans, that young people with high school educations or less cannot find work. The study was unnecessary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases numbers each month that prove the problem. Last month, 13% of people without high school degrees were out of work. If those marginally employed and those who have dropped out of the workforce are included, the figure is certainly very much higher.

The Rutgers Study — “Left Out. Forgotten? Recent High School Graduates and the Great Recession” — also includes Americans who have received high school degrees. The BLS data show that these young people are not much better off that those who did not get a high school degree at all. So, once again, the study’s results are no revelation.

The major conclusion of the report:

Overall, only 3 in 10 high school graduates…

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