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Education vs Incarceration: Our Boys Need Mentors

In Consider This, Culture, Prison Industrial Complex on 06/06/2012 at 12:27

Urban Prep in Philadelphia

When one really thinks about the epidemic facing America with regards to the growth industry otherwise known as the Privatised Prison Industrial Complex it is important to pay very close attention to the numbers associated with that growth.  Often it’s more important to think about the who, what, when and why than just to say “they” deserve to be there because “they” broke the law.

If you’re wondering who the “they” are, the “they” are young men who are either Black or Brown Americans who often are needlessly incarcerated because of a number of factors.  The following Infographic shows how funding for education versus incarceration plays a major factor toward ending the possibilities of such futures for young Black and Brown men.

When giving consideration to these numbers it’s important to also think about the importance of mentoring in Black and Brown communities and the positive affects men mentoring can have on these young men.  As a father of four, two of which are boys, constant consideration goes into the education and day-to-day welfare of not only my boys but other young boys.  A path is set by third grade based on certain standardised test scores to determine how many beds should be accounted for in state jails and prisons.

Not to mention the second largest public education system in America is the Juvenile Education System.  It’s a system that is rarely talking about openly in American society but it should be.  The juvenile system is no place for young boys.  Boys want to see men in their lives whether those men are their natural fathers or not.

Positive reinforcement is a must because these numbers are depressing and inexcusable in what is considered to be the richest nation in the world.  I don’t purport to have all the answers but certainly it was worth my time to blog about this issue and bring it to the attention of those who will read and share this information with others.

I leave you with this, MENTOR A BOY TODAY!!!  They need your presence more than you can imagine.  And if you’re already mentoring, I applaud your efforts.  We’ve got work to do people.

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