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Kwame Brown: Servant of the People or Servant of Himself?

In Politics on 08/06/2012 at 13:06

(WASHINGTON) – DC is a city of many contradictions especially when it comes to the politics of the city.  Over the past few days it has been revealed that former city council president Kwame Brown plead guilty to bank fraud where he lied on his loan applications in order to purchase a home and boat.  Also, he came up on new charges of campaign finance malfeasance. Which is a Federal charge.

This story is all the buzz in the local DC media as well as on social media outlets like facebook and twitter.  When it comes to politics it often seems that politicians not only in DC but many other American cities forget that their first job is to serve the people not for their elected position to serve them.

And it also seems that having the name Kwame in U.S. politics doesn’t bode well.  Remember Kwame Kilpatrick, the former “hip-hop mayor” of Detroit?  Seemingly there are a number of similarities between the Kwame’s when it comes to hubris and a feeling of entitlement.  Now his family, friends and closest supporters have to endure the embarrassment of their attachment to him.

But the people must also deal with the realities of getting what they elect.  There is a serious mentality of “them against us” in DC and the Black community in DC refuses to vote for candidates that are best for them.  Instead they continue to vote for flashy, stereotypical Black politicians.  What DC needs is substantive politicians who care about all of DC’s citizens.  As a new citizen of the District it is impossible not to see these political issues.

They are glaring to an outsider but to those who call the District their hometown, seemingly they can’t see the forest for the trees.  Rest assured what has happened with Harry Thomas, Jr., another former DC city council member now serving prison time, and Kwame Brown is just the beginning.

The person the Feds really want is the current DC mayor Vincent Gray.  He’s the big fish and his downfall will be of the utmost embarrassment to DC and all Black politicians throughout the nation.  In a high profile city like DC, the nations capitol this type of corruption should not be the one thing that gets the most attention.

DC has one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the nations especially in the Black community.  DC has an extremely high high school drop out rate. DC has a public school system that’s in shambles  and a host of other very important social issues which require real leadership to address and help resolve.

Does this mean that everything in DC is crumbling, no but what it does mean is that there are serious social and political issues that deserve better politicians than they ones the city currently has.  Kwame Brown did a disservice to the city.  He allowed personal agendas, and extraordinary ego to get in the way of integrity filled political service.

The bright side to this all is the house cleaning taking place in DC because of the likes of Thomas, Brown and Gray.  Hopefully, this will lead to DC being the great city and shinning star of Americas democratic republic that it should be.


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