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Our Muslim brothers!

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This editorial by Jewish political leader, writer and peace activist Uri Avnery appeared in today’s Saudi national publication ArabNews. I was so impressed that I’m copying it here on my blog. My heart rejoices! Now is the time for Middle East peace! ~ Sam

“Our Muslim Brothers” by Jewish peace activist Uri Avnery

Everybody knows by now why we are stuck in Palestine. When God instructed Moses to plead with Pharaoh to let his people go, Moses told him that he was unfit for the job because “I am slow of speech and of a slow tongue” (Exodus 4:10).

Actually, in the Hebrew original, Moses told God that he was “heavy of the mouth and heavy of the tongue.” He should have told Him that he was also heavy of the ears. So when God told him to take his people to Canada, he took his people to Canaan…

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