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Gun laws need to be reconsidered and the NRA has too much influence

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CONSIDER THIS: Our media more often than not spins and softens information before broadcasting it to the masses. Especially when it doesn’t fall in line with atypical ways of defining and describing individuals or events. I think this poster about sums this one up. What say YE?!!! #RIPColoradoShootingVictims



Excellence Awaits You!!!

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I think Aristotle had it right. I approve this message.

The Daily Beast: Is Meritocracy Un-American?

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The Daily Beast: Is Meritocracy Un-American? http://goo.gl/mag/Prafn

Beauty In Full Bloom

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Even when it rains one should always STOP to enjoy the beauty of a flower in full bloom. Enjoy.. 😉

What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

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Mornings are a great time for getting things done. You’re less likely to be interrupted than you are later in the day. Your supply of willpower is fresh after a good night’s sleep. That makes it possible to turn personal priorities like exercise or strategic thinking into reality. But if you’ve got big goals–and a chaotic a.m. schedule–how can you make over your mornings to make these goals happen? Because I write about time management frequently, I’ve gotten to see hundreds of calendars and schedules over the years. From studying people’s morning habits, I’ve learned that getting the most out of this time is a five-part process. Follow these steps, though, and you’re on your way to building morning habits that stick.

1. Track Your Time

Part of spending your time better is knowing how you’re spending it now. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know that nutritionists tell you to keep a food journal because it keeps you from eating mindlessly. It’s the same with time. Write down what you’re doing as often as you can. Use my spreadsheet, a Word document, or a pad and pen.

While you measuring your mornings, try tracking your whole week. The reason? The solution to morning dilemmas often lies at other times of the day. You may be too tired because you’re staying up late. But if you look at how you’re spending your nights, you’ll notice that you’re not doing anything urgent. The Daily Show can be recorded and watched earlier–possibly while you’re on the treadmill at 6:30 a.m.

As for the mornings themselves, you can be organized but still not be spending them well. Question your assumptions. You may believe that “a man who wants to keep his job gets into the office before his boss” because that’s what your father did, but your boss may be disappointed that he doesn’t get the place to himself for an hour first! If you decide that something is a top priority, do it, but understand that we have to do few things in life.

2. Picture the Perfect Morning

After you know how you’re spending your time, ask yourself what a great morning would look like. For me, it would start with a run, followed by a hearty family breakfast. After getting people out the door, I’d focus on long-term projects like my books. Here are some other ideas for morning enrichment: (cont … Fast Company)

Education vs Incarceration: Our Boys Need Mentors

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Urban Prep in Philadelphia

When one really thinks about the epidemic facing America with regards to the growth industry otherwise known as the Privatised Prison Industrial Complex it is important to pay very close attention to the numbers associated with that growth.  Often it’s more important to think about the who, what, when and why than just to say “they” deserve to be there because “they” broke the law.

If you’re wondering who the “they” are, the “they” are young men who are either Black or Brown Americans who often are needlessly incarcerated because of a number of factors.  The following Infographic shows how funding for education versus incarceration plays a major factor toward ending the possibilities of such futures for young Black and Brown men.

When giving consideration to these numbers it’s important to also think about the importance of mentoring in Black and Brown communities and the positive affects men mentoring can have on these young men.  As a father of four, two of which are boys, constant consideration goes into the education and day-to-day welfare of not only my boys but other young boys.  A path is set by third grade based on certain standardised test scores to determine how many beds should be accounted for in state jails and prisons.

Not to mention the second largest public education system in America is the Juvenile Education System.  It’s a system that is rarely talking about openly in American society but it should be.  The juvenile system is no place for young boys.  Boys want to see men in their lives whether those men are their natural fathers or not.

Positive reinforcement is a must because these numbers are depressing and inexcusable in what is considered to be the richest nation in the world.  I don’t purport to have all the answers but certainly it was worth my time to blog about this issue and bring it to the attention of those who will read and share this information with others.

I leave you with this, MENTOR A BOY TODAY!!!  They need your presence more than you can imagine.  And if you’re already mentoring, I applaud your efforts.  We’ve got work to do people.

Why do arranged marriages statistically last longer?

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The following is a quoted post from a brother and friend, Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence who is also an ordained Christian minister in Nigeria.  Although I am not a Christian by faith, I recognise wisdom when I see it.  There is much wisdom in his post and I thought I would share it and hopefully spark a meaningful dialogue about marriage and divorce rates in American and throughout the Western world.

Please read the following and share your thoughts.  Note that some of the content has been edited so that it flows better than his original post.

Indians who subscribe to arranged marriages, have a 1% -1 1/2 % divorce rate. Pause and think about that for a minute. It means that people who are meeting for the first time, days before or on their wedding day, uphold a marriage better than Christians who have courted, dated, etc for years.

By the way, the divorce rate amongst Christians is 38%-45% depending on where you check. Most Indians are Hindus, yet they practice the discipline that was taught in the Christian Bible concerning marriage. I heard a newly wed Indian couple say- they are brought up to accept that the family would more than likely choose a spouse for them and they grow up accepting it.

If you remember a short while back, I posted something suggesting that we should teach our young men and women to be husbands and wives before they get married…I believe this is what our Indian brothers and sisters are doing.

We have swayed too far with our tastes, selfish desires, and our believing that it is GOD’s job to not only find us a spouse, but move the heavens to tell us when the package has arrived, while our brothers and sister are just getting on with it, being templates…don’t get me wrong, there are arguments against arranged marriages (and that is not really the core of this post) which I understand, but the truth is the numbers don’t lie, it is working better than it is not working, maybe we Christians need a re-check, I’m just saying...” ~KDL®™2012©

I’m Mark Twain dammit and I don’t recall every saying that.

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CONSIDER THIS: “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” – Mark Twain. Well guess what folks, HE NEVER SAID THIS. Although it sounds like something Twain would say, and that was the point of the quote. But alas he didn’t say it.

To quote CNN, “Mark Twain, the author and legendary wit who, alongside William Shakespeare and the Bible, may be among the world’s (and Internet’s) most misquoted sources.” Something else to think about when you looking to post something profound on the various social media outlets we all love to use.

I said what?

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CONSIDER THIS: “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.” This quote is ascribed to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The problem is, HE NEVER SAID IT. This was a popular quote which started on twitter by the magician and comic Penn Jillette and then it went viral. It was in regards to all the celebrating at the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Know your sources people before posting stuff. Words are power.

“To many people spend money they haven’t earned”

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CONSIDER THIS: This photo and quote is very popular these days. I’ve seen it on a number of my facebook friends pages over the past two months. It’s a great sentiment and I personally agree with it. But here’s the thing, WILL SMITH DIDN’T SAY OR BETTER YET ORIGINATE THIS QUOTE!!! LOL This is a quote for the Country and Western Singer and Actor Will Rogers. Truth and Knowledge is Power. Know your sources before posting stuff like this online. What say YE?!!!