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23 years of Black Love: African boy + West Indian girl = Oluwatosin 6

In About Me, My Family on 28/05/2012 at 12:09

Mr. and Mrs. Oluwatosin at our eldest daughter Yejide’s college graduation

WOW!!!  Today marks our 23rd wedding anniversary.  That’s a very long time by today’s marital standards and I’m very happy to be able to say that I’ve been with this very special woman for all this time.  Since meeting each other we’ve been building family, doing our collective part for the health and well being of the Black community and watching our children grow and flourish in an environment of love.

And it’s that love, mutual respect and genuine like for one another that has kept us together.  We often reflect with one another at how special our family and what we have is to others.  People will often remark to us individually and as a couple how much they love our children and our family.

Our latest family photo at my daughter Yejide’s graduation from Howard University
(left-right: Amoye, Ifetayo, Yejide, Nioyonu, Ayinde and yours truly)

Those sentiments are not lost on us and they bring a certain joy to us knowing that our marriage inspires others.  Certainly there are distractions and forces that would attempt to come between what we have built but what marriages don’t have those issues.  Fortunately, the spirit of our ancestors, our real friends and our families will not ever allow that to happen.  In marriage there is a higher calling that transcends personal wants, desires and immaturity.

I see this more now than I ever have before. Which is why I’m writing this blog and sharing it with you.  Together we are strong and certainly apart we would never have what we have today.  Our most prised possession, our family.  To me family is what matters most and having a loving, caring, patient and meaningful marriage just brings it all together.

To that end I want to simply say Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife.  Thank you for putting up with me for all these years and may we have another 23 so that we can see our grandchildren and possibly great-grandchildren have what we have as well.  Here’s to Black Love.